Cure for Diabetes?

diabetes It was recently discovered that Gastric Bypass may just be able to lessen the effects or cure Type 2 diabetes. In the past it was believed that the improvements of diabetic health was a positive effect of the losing of the weight. But it actually is not the weight loss, rather the surgery itself. It is shown that those who had the Bypass surgery were 5 times more likely to have their diabetes diminish than those who underwent standard diabetes care.

The surgery is only meant for those who are atleast 100 lbs overweight. But, I wonder, with this new look on a possible cure for diabetes will they become more lenient with that criteria. It was found that the small bowel (duodenum and jejunum) may the culprit causing diabetes. So when they reroute around that area, they start to see diabetes in remission. How interesting Thinking!I have also read that stomach banding may offer some of the same benefits as bypass surgery, except that it may only be due to the weight loss. After the gastric bypass procedure most patients were able to stop all diabetic medicines. Who would have thought, a weight loss procedure may just be the cure for diabetes? I look forward to learning more on this.

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