My Favorite Sandal


I have finally found my favorite pair of sandals. These shoes, sold by United Nude are absolutely gorgeous. Unlike, any shoes/sandals I have ever seen. I am definately getting a pair of these. Say “Hello” to Porn, not what you are thinking. The name of these shoes are Porn. United Nude states these shoes are made out of the toughest plastic they could find. That’s good to know, because I was wondering if they would start to droop. With a floating footbed, this sandal is certainly unique. The company has many other shoes that are equally unique and pleasing, which ones are your favorites?

The Porn is available in Silver, khaki (shown), burgundy, and black. The black is available in leather, the khaki in nylon, and the burgundy and black come in patent leather. So many choices, so many choices Thinking. I can’t get over the way the top band wraps around to make the heel, who was the creative genius behind that . He really should be praised Not worthy. You can wear these shoes with confidence knowing no one else will have these on right now. Now, once they see yours I am sure they will begin begging to know where you got those fabulous shoes from. At a hefty cost of $250, maybe you will be the only one wearing them. Well, you and meWinking.

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