What’s in my clarifying, moisturizing, color enhancing, Ph balanced, color protective, thinkening, fast drying, volumizing shampoo?

Did you ever walk down the aisle of your favorite beauty store and feel overwhelmed just by reading all those labels? What does it all mean? Well if you are confused by all those terms on your products, read on…

Clarifying – This product uses ingredients specifically designed to strip through the hair styling products buildup on the hair. Its great to buy a clarifying product if you use sprays, gels or waxes.

Color Enhancing
– This product contains low levels of natural or chemical colorants to lift your hair chemically treated hairs color.

Color Protective – This product is less aggressive in the amount of detergents it has in it to prevent drying or color stripping your hair.

Moisturizing – When a product calls itself moisturizing it uses less harsh detergent than traditional shampoos.

Ph Balanced – Most products on the marketplace shelf tout that they are Ph balanced. This means it stops the scalp from becoming too acidic or alkaline, in which conditions bacteria to thrive causing irritation.

Thickening Shampoos
– This means that this product often uses panthenol to thicken the hair shaft. Many also create an electrical charge within the hair shaft to prevent strands sticking together, making hair look fuller.

Volumizing Shampoos – This means that this product uses thickening and firming agents to create lift in the hair.

Want to know what can be in those products to obtain what the label says?
Beer: This sticks to the hairs surface, thereby creating shine.
Botanicals: These plant derived ingredients act on the hair – for example, rosemary is said to help greasy scalps.
A flower used in shampoos for blondes, it can lighten hair.
Clay: This deeply cleanses the hair and scalp. It is used in shampoo instead of potentially ittitating detergents.
Fruit Acids:
Fruit Acids boost shine and condition by changing the hair’s pH balance.
Fruit Sugars: These hydrate the hair by drawing water from the air.
This penetrates the hair shaft, causing it to swell and thicken.
Protein: Hair is made from a protein called keratin, but external proteins do not enhance this. Instead, they coat the hair, strengthening it and creating thickness.
Other than B5, these don’t penetrate the hair, instead like proteins, they coat it, making it look thicker.
Zinc Pyrithione: The most common treatment for dandruff, it slows cell regeneration on the scalp.

Maybe next time when you walk down that aisle you will not be so crazed anymore. đŸ™‚

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