Choosing the right makeup

Creating a perfect base is the most important step in makeup.  Without it your eye and lip shades will highlight imperfections such as lines, blemishes or redness.  Base makeup to most people means a mask of foundation, but that’s not necessarily the case at all.  If you’ve got great skin, then all a base means is you dab a well applied concealer and some blusher.  Most people do need a bit more coverage then that.  With any type of foundation, to find your correct color, apply a selection of colors that closely resemble your skin tone to your cheek.  Then using a mirror see which one blends better into your skin.  It is always better to go a shade lighter then darker when choosing a color. 

The Differences

  • Liquid Foundation.  Liquid Foundation provides sheer to medium coverage.  Liquid foundation should be applied to a cosmetic sponge and then dabbed onto your face, forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.  Then using the sponge spread the “dabs” evenly over the entire face.  Using fingers when putting on foundation can add germs and toxins you may have handled to also be applied onto your face.  Do not use too much, as it will end up looking like you are wearing a mask.
  • Cream to powder foundation. This is ideal if you are looking for a matte finish.  You apply this type of foundation with a damp cosmetic sponge.  The look will be a dewy, matte finish that gives full coverage.
  • Tinted Moisturizer.  This is the lightest type of coverage you can use.  It’s a great product if you do not like to wear heavy foundations like me.  I love tinted moisturizers!  The one I use is called awesome, just ask me what I use, maybe I will send you one for free to try. 🙂  It has an spf of 15 too, so its great this time of year.  (tip: if you plan on sunbathing or be near the pool/beach use something stronger then spf 15)  Many women have the misconception that you use this to make yourself look tanned.  Not true if you are matching your skin tone, which you should you do as with any other type of foundation.
  • Stick Foundation.  This type of foundation offers more coverage and is faster to use then liquid foundation.  The only drawback I find is that you have to use your fingers to blend it into the skin.  If you don’t use your fingers it can tend to look streaky.  This is a great product if you have small blemishes that need hiding, or under eye circles and don’t want to use a concealer.
  • Bronzing Gels/Sticks/Powders.  For a more sun kissed look for the summer months, a bronzer of bronzing gel is a great product to keep handy.  If you choose a gel type, make sure it is sheer so it does not look like a mask on your face when it is applied.  Always use a bronzer of any type sparingly.  You are trying to enhance your natural color, not create a fake tan.  Brush the bronzing powder lightly across the skin to create a golden glow.  Do not use it all over your face, it will make your face look dirty rather then tanned.  ONly apply these where you would naturally get a sun tan (nose, cheeks, forehead).  I LOVE my bronzer, ask me what I am using :).  ANY skin color can use it and it always looks natural.  It has this awesome kabuki brush that you can get with it and best thing, the brush does not shed!
  • Loose Powder.  This should be used to set the foundation you choose.  You brush this over your entire face with a big fluffy brush.  Translucent is the best color to get.  If you have warm skin tone you may opt for a yellow based rather than a pink one.
  • Pressed Powder.  To create a total coverage, apply this over foundation.  However, do not smooth it on the skin, apply it with a powder sponge in a rolling motion.
The best way to apply the products I mentioned is with a cosmetic sponge.  If using a sponge that is re-useable then you want to make sure to keep it clean.  This way you are avoiding any bacteria build up and can avoid blemishes from the bacteria.  You can wash the sponge in a little baby shampoo after every use. If you are using a powder brush for applying the powder, the perfect brush is just over an inch across and fluffy.  Again you have to keep it clean and must clean it after each use.  You can use baby shampoo and wash it with that and then let it dry thoroughly.  If you need a quick dry, instead of washing with baby shampoo you can use a spray bottle and fill it with rubbing alcohol and spritz the brush lightly with that its ready for another use.
Choosing the right color
  1. Never try a foundation on your hand.  Your hands tend to be darker then your face, after all they probably get more sun then your face does.  Instead apply it to your jawline.  The right shade for you is the one that disappears into your skin.
  2. If you cannot decide between two foundation shades, choose the lighter one, as the darker foundation will create more obvious lines on your jawline and make you look like you are wearing a mask.  However, if you have BLACK SKIN, matching your foundation to the lightest areas of your face can make you look ashy.  Matching the darkest and you will look overly made up. So what you want to do is match the skin color on your neck for a great look thats natural.
You are wearing too much makeup if….
  1. You cannot see any pores on your face.  Your natural skin texture is supposed to show a little.
  2. You makeup is shining.  Use a blotting paper rather than reapplying your powder.
  3. You can see a line around your jawline that shows where your makeup starts.  Either change the color and go lighter, or smudge it into your neck to eliminate the lines.

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4 thoughts on “Choosing the right makeup

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  2. Whats the name of the tinted skin spf moisturizer you use? Is it oil free? Like you, I do not like to cake on a bunch of crap on my face. I tend to break ouy when I use certain products so trying to find a great fit for my skin. Looking forward to a response. Thanks!

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