Detox Day 3-4

Well I am well on my way to health, or so I am thinking!  I am feeling a lot better, less tired than I typically get during the later hours of the day.  I just contributed that to my kids running me ragged. 🙂  I am running to the bathroom a bit more then I did when I started this program, but thats fine, its not terrible.  My stomach has never grumbled like some other people were telling me it would do from the drink.  I feel fine and the taste of the tea is not bad at all.  It tastes like a strong tea with a lot of lemon in it.  Its scent is very herbal though.  The best part is i am down about 3 pounds and I am eating normally.  I am thinking I can do this once a month as it is suggested.  Read more about the detox program here.
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