Detoxing in 30 minutes

Things can get crazy in life, I know and am speaking from quite a lot of experience.  We tend to overlook the simple things in life that can help us feel better and even heal our bodies.  After all who has time for themselves these days.  All my friends are always saying they wish there were more hours in the day.  Well with more hours in the day, comes more stress and more fatigue.  I am always telling everyone, “aren’t you worth taking some time for yourself?”.  I rarely ever take my own advice, but who does?  

With all the stress and fatigue, our bodies are bearing the brunt of it all.  Toxins invade our bodies and create all types of other problems for us…illness, weakened immune systems, more fatigue, even disease. To keep your body and soul happy, all you need is 30 minutes!  IN that time you can sit and meditate, do yoga, watch your favorite television show (although I like the first 2 options better) or DETOX!  

Detoxing will improve just about everything, mind, body and spirit.  Finding a great product like Arbonnes Detox Sea Soak Bath makes all the difference in the world.  It combines  a variety of sea rich minerals and botanicals that draw out all the impurities in your body, it can even draw out lactic acid helping fatigues muscles after working out.  As the water from your warm bath cools even more toxins are drawn out.  The effect afterwards is a renewed spirit, more energy and best of all you did something for yourself!  Aren’t you worth 30 minutes?
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