Pucker Up

luscious lipsNo makeup look is complete without lip color. Lipstick, lip gloss, or even just a slick of lip liner will balance heavy eye looks and give focus to the face when you are using more neutral eye shades. However, while most of us take time on our eyes and use the right tools for our base, our lip color is often just dashed on with the stub of a lipstick. Also despite the fact that they are one of the part’s of the body with the thinnest skin and the least natural moisture, we rarely include lips as part of a skin care regime. The result is that many of us end up with chapped or dry lips, spend hours reapplying color because our lip shades won’t stay put and never really make the most of one of the focal points of our face. Well, that does not have to be the case anymore. Creating a perfect pucker is very simple.

Lipstick tips


  • Orange lip color highlights yellow teeth, while bluey reds make them look whiter.
  • Light shades, in particular shimmery shades make lips look bigger and fuller.
  • Dark shades or very matte colors make lips look smaller.
  • Tan skinned people should choose a color slightly darker then you would if you were not tanned so you do not look washed out.
  • Sheer lipstick and lip stains are great as a baby step to darker colors.
Lipstick types
  • Matte – creates an intense, solid color, but as it has little shine it will also contain few moisturizing benefits.  Always apply lip balm before you use it.
  • Satin – more colored and less sticky than gloss.  Offers a shiny finish.  More moisturizing than matte lipstick, but will need more frequent application.
  • Lip Pencils – Softer and thicker than liners, perfect for creating definition.  They have a tendency to dry lips, so its best to stick to neutral or shimmery shades, dark shades show more flaking.
  • Lip Stain – Normally liquid, it offers sheer but long lasting coverage.  Do not use liner with it, just apply it straight to the lips.
  • Lip Sealant – Good for setting very bright, matte colors.  Contains a ton of chemicals so beware of dangerous ingredients that slip through the FDA.  DO NOT USE IF YOU HAVE SENSITIVE SKIN.

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