Look Hot, Feel Hot: Choosing the Perfect Bikini Bottom

A few weeks ago I posted some tips on choosing the right bikini top for your body type. This time, here are some pointers you may find useful when choosing the perfect bikini bottom to make sure you strut your butt on that beach in the hottest possible way.:D

1. Complement your shape.

Like bikini tops, not every cut of the bikini bottom suits everyone. Choose a bikini bottom that focuses on the good features of your lower torso, whether it’s your legs, your rear, or your waist. If you have flat abs and a tight ass and you want to command attention, wear a low-slung micro-bikini. If you’ve got a boy shape, wear bikini bottoms with high cut legs because these create the illusion of longer legs and slimmer hips and thighs. High cut legs also work great with pear-shaped bodies because these create a more balanced illusion between the upper and lower torsos.

Torso length is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bikini. If you have a short lower torso, choose a bikini with low-rise bottoms that sit just on the hip. If you have a long lower torso, choose bikini bottoms that sit a little higher on the hips. One good way to select a flattering bikini is to replicate the cut and style of your most flattering underwear.

2. Enhance less flattering parts.

Your bikini bottom should cover or create a flattering illusion of your less attractive parts. For instance, if you have a heavy bottom and want to hide the extra fat, wear a dark colored bikini bottom. If you have bulging skin on the thighs and belly, don’t wear a very tight and skimpy bikini. If you want to add volume to very thin hips, choose bikini bottoms that have wider and lower straps.

3. Know your activities.

Knowing what you plan to do the whole day is important to prevent bikini discomfort or embarrassment. For instance, if you plan to play volleyball or other sports, wear a bikini bottom that stays in place in spite of constant movement. Full bikini briefs often do the job.

4. Make a statement.

After assessing your body shape and planning your activities, it’s time to choose among the hundreds of styles and colors of bikini bottoms in the market. This is the most exciting part because you have lots of options and you can choose to be fun, trendy, sophisticated, classic, or have a totally new look. Showcase your personality, mood, or style by making a statement through the bikini that you choose.

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