Day 5 – 7 Detoxing

I gotta tell you, I have so much more energy then I did before starting the detox. Just wondering how long it will last! I have an easier time falling asleep and a much easier time waking up. I feel like I can jump on my treadmill and just run run run. This all came after the last few days of running to the bathroom. It seemed that the detox did catch up with me. Maybe it was cause I was drinking less water. Instead of having the 32oz detox and another 32oz of water I was drinking less. My sister in law suggested that maybe cause I was drinking so much water that I was feeling better. I guess that can also be the case. Water would flush the system and everyone always says you need drink a bunch during the day to stay hydrated and well. It all makes sense, but I have to have some faith in the fact that drinking products from the sea including algae and marine botanicals has to do something good for your system? From everything I have read online about the detox drink ingredients, it is all good stuff, each with its own benefits to our bodies. All I can say for sure is that I am going to drink more everyday regardless of detox or not and I will try the detox again next month just to see if there really is a difference.
Viva la Detox!
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