Get Ready for the Summer!

With summer bathing suit season right around the corner, if you are like most women you have some unwanted hair removed so you can look great without being embarrassed.  With so many ways to get rid of those unsightly little sprigs which is the right way for you?

Options are unlimited depending on what you are trying to achieve.  If you just want to lighten the hair because you are scared or new to hair removal you may want to try bleaching.  What you need to bleach is a bleaching cream.  This cream will lighten hair so it will be virtually unnoticeable.  It is advisable to use this method on your face or lower arms, or if you are like one of my good friends, even on your lower back.  No pain is involved, of less of course you get some in your eyes, in which case you want to wash that out asap!  If you leave it on too long it can also burn.  Never bleach if you have recently used a skin care product containing alpha-hydroxy acid, then bleaching cream may cause scarring.  Follow the directions on the bleach cream bottle, and make sure to clean the area to be bleached before using it.  Bleaching can last up to 2 months.

Tweezing is a popular method for hair removal.  Tweezing does hurt a little, but it only lasts a second or two.  All you need for this is a pair of tweezers.  Choosing a pair with a flat, slanted tip rather then pointed ones is better as they grasp hair better.  Tweezing is best for eyebrows.  The results can last 4 – 6 weeks before you need to re-tweeze.  When tweezing you want to pull quickly and in the direction that the hair is growing to make sure to get to the root of the hair.  To avoid over plucking draw the shape you want over your brow beforehand with an eye pencil.

Shaving is another popular method, but really lasts the shortest amount of time, about 1-2 days!  All you need is a razor and if you prefer some shaving gel, soap or my recommendation is hair conditioner.  Conditioner does not dehydrate the skin like the other 2 options do.  The razor will only cut the hair down to the surface of the skin.  If you use a razor it works best for underarms and legs, bikini lines and facial hair are not really appropriate for shaving as the hair grows back blunt, making it very itchy on the bikini line.  There is no pain involved unless you nick yourself.  

Depilatory Cream comes for a variety of area on the body so make sure to read the labels before you buy one to see where you can use it.  This product contains chemicals that actually dissolve hair just under the sins surface.  Typically you can use it anyplace on the body, but again check the label.  There is no pain involved and it lasts about 2 -3 weeks.  

Waxing is an option that scared me at first and is painful, but it gets the best results and lasts the longest. You would need prepared wax strips, hot wax used with cloth or sugaring solution.  This method pulls the hair right out of the follicle from the root.  You can wax any part of the body and it lasts 4 – 6 weeks.  For waxing your hair needs to be at least 1/8 inch long.  Waxed hairs will re-grow, but it will be much thinner and a lot less noticeable.  To wax you need to use talc to soak up the skins oils that prevent the wax from sticking.  The wax is then applied and left on for a few seconds.  Now comes the painful part….strips of gauze or waxing strips are applied to the sticky wax and then quickly pulled in the direction of the hair growth. Excess wax is then removed with warm water.  Do not use any lotions or creams on your skin right afterwards, some people suggest waiting 48 hours after.  

Pick your venue for hair removal and keep in mind, its al in the name of beauty! Enjoy that summer sun.
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One thought on “Get Ready for the Summer!

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