Pets as Accessories

womanandpoorpuppy In the past, that thought would stir up memories of women walking around sporting the fox ,tail-in-mouth, collars on their coats. That was luxury, they thought. But now, pets as accessories have taken on a totally new meaning. Now, when you think about that, visions of Paris Hilton probably invade your mind, I know it does mine. All I think of are those helpless dogs and puppies, dressed up like little people and locked in little purses for display Tongue. Celebrity pets are so recognizable, they are just as famous as their counterparts. I am sure everyone knows who Tinkerbell is, thanks Paris! So, I did some research and the pet accessory phenomenon is everywhere. Not just in Hollywood, I have seen girls walking the grocery stores aisles with dogs in tow.


It is becoming so popular, in fact, that there are pet accessory stores popping up everywhere. From internet to local stores, anything your little pet minded brain can think of you can have. Dresses, collars, hair bows, designer bags, shoes, even puppy purses, the list is limitless. To make that pet the ultimate accessory, people have begun matching them to what they are wearing. Ok, Coutoure dress..check, Manolo shoes..check, Louis Vuitton sac with dog in matching color….check. Who would have thought that live animals would become the newest fashion accessory. What’s next live snake necklacesTime out? Nevertheless, it seems our love for cute little animals has crossed into the fashion world. How does the pets feel about this?

What’s your favorite pet accessory and what items have you bought to further “dress it up”?

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4 thoughts on “Pets as Accessories

  1. To be honest that first picture you have on the post looks like that poor pup is pained being hung over that girls hip as she walks..poor thing! I have 3 pups. 2 yorkies, one is only 4 lbs and a golden retreiver, I cannot imagine torturing my little guy by putting him in a contraption like that! The other picture you have of the yorkie…well that one is just a cutie, with or without the little outfit!

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