Botanicals in Cosmetics

Many companies are using more botanically based ingredients in their cosmetic products. Many are sticking to the same old ingredients that has been used for ages, even though some of them are not good for you or for the animals they test them on. I use products that are VEGAN certified and made with amazing ingredients that are pure, safe and beneficial.  
The key botanicals in their ingredients and their benefits are:

1. Cucumber Extract – This acts like a natural cleanser and is very gentle and soothing on the skin.
2. Aloe Vera Extract – A natural moisturizer and emollient, so your skin does not dry out. In pure form, aloe serves as a water-binding agent for skin due to its polysaccharide (complex carbohydrate) and sterol content, so it holds moisture in longer.
3. Green Tea Extract – An ideal anti-oxidant, perfect for your skin as it helps rid toxins on your skin and prevents free radicals from causing more skin damage. Significant amounts of research have established that tea, including black, green, and white tea, has many intriguing health benefits. Dozens of studies point to tea’s potent antioxidant as well as anticarcinogenic properties.
4. Grape Seed Extract – Contains proanthocyanidins, which are very potent antioxidants, helpful for diminishing the sun’s damaging effects and lessening free-radical damage.
5. Ginseng Extract – There is in vitro research showing it can stimulate collagen production (Source: Journal of Ethnopharmacology, January 2007, pages 29–34). Ginseng in cosmetics act as a skin conditioner, making skin smoother and softer.
6. Camellia Oil – The leaf has been shown to be a potent antioxidant and also able to inhibit the depletion of collagen.
7. Nettle Extract – A wonderful skin conditioner. Extract may have anti-inflammatory properties (Source: Healthnotes Review of Complementary and Integrative Medicine,
8. Buckwheat Seed Extract – Minimizes the appearance of puffiness.

Science and beauty can meet with magical results and truly show it when using these Vegan certified products.  All my favorite companies formulas function to conceal imperfections and enhance your natural beauty.  I am willing to share my secret, all you have to do is ask me. 🙂

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