How to get the look you want

Since I am an Independent Consultant with skin care home based business and I know most of my readers are familiar with my products by now, I figured I would share some information with you on how you can get the look your want.  This is especially good for our teenage sect.

Flawless Skin – A beautiful complexion will bring out the inner beauty. Radiant skin allows you to face the world carefree, composed and confident. What you need is a gentle Daily Cleanser that I can highly recommend if asked.  This non drying cleanser removes dirt and oil without stripping skin of its moisture barrier.

Flushed Complexion – Skin naturally gives off a beautiful array of tones. Enhancing the hues of your skin is a terrific way to appear individualistic and chic.  What you need is a tinted moisturizer with spf 15 in it.  I have one I sue and love and would be happy to give you the name if you ask me. 🙂  Made with SPF and in four shades that are translucent shades, this tinted moisturizer protects and complements your skin simultaneously.

Rosy Cheeks – Even if you blush out of embarrassment, the effect is just plain adorable!  Flaunt your rosy cheeks, it’s a look too cute for words. What you need is an awesome blusher, I have them in 16 colors.  You will appear naturally with any of the pretty shades that moisturize, condition and rejuvenate your face.  It is a pressed powder form.

Glowing Skin – Do not be afraid to glow with it.  Glistening skin makes for great eye candy. 🙂  What you need is an excellent Bronzing Powder.  You can get color that sparkles ad glows, naturally, with this luxurious bronzing powder that will leave you looking sun-kissed.

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