Why Stilettos?

For anyone that asks that question, you haven’t really looked at a stiletto. In fact, you must have not seen a woman wearing a pair of sexy stiletto heels. The stiletto has to be the sexiest shoe ever made. When a woman wears a stiletto her whole demeanor changes. She becomes more self confident and a subtle switch in her walk may occur. You’ll notice she now walks with shoulders back, chest out and head tilted, ever-so slightly, up. This is because you just feel fabulous in a pair.

For one thing, they make your calves look incredible. Like you been working out for days. Men seem inherently drawn to a woman in a stiletto heel, maybe it’s the self confidence she now exudes or could it be those “fierce” stilettos? Even a lonely stiletto sitting out on the store display has a sexiness to it. That’s why stiletto’s aren’t lonely for very long. When I walk into a shoe store, the stiletto always catches my eye, even if I was just going in for some winter boots or some summer sandals, I can’t help but stop and admire. The beautiful curvature and strict heel, make the stiletto quite a site. So, no matter the twisted ankles, the at-times unbalanced feeling, we can’t live without our stilettos.

If you don’t take my word for it, go try on a pair and walk around. Their sure to put a smile on your face and a twist in your hips.

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