Accessory Must Have’s

I always am looking for the latest fashion trends in clothing in shoes. Then I realized how much I take for granted accessories. They can make such a big difference in our whole outfit and still we put little thought into them. Fashion accessories are like plants and wall decor in your home, they just dress you up. Here are 6 must have accessories every woman should have:

  • A favorite pair of heels

Steve Madden Lezlie Zebra Peep Toe Pump

  • A bright handbag (something unlike all your other purses)

  • A thick bracelet (either leather, jewel studded or a set bracelets)

850.00 USD,  Cabochon Wood Cuff - gemstone - salvaged - imbuia Stylehive BM 259160 from

  • Real diamond stud earrings (they go with anything!)

  • Dress watch

3,690.00 USD,  Charriol            Diamond Watch -   		Watches with Diamonds - 	Neiman Marcus - charriol - watch diamond Stylehive BM 298120 from

  • Necklace that can be dressed up or down

These are a few guidelines of accessories every woman should always have on hand. I make sure that I keep them at all times, you never know when you will have be dressed up without notice. These can be your splurge items, spend a little more on these key accessories and you can buy more inexpensive accessories to compliment them. It’s easy to see how you can wear these with casual or dressier wear, simply by choosing your clothes correctly. What are some accessories you have to always have in arm’s reach?

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