Blusher Tips

When people ask me about applying their makeup, many of them forget all about their blusher.  Blusher seems to be looked at as over rated with the advent of bronzing powders, gels, and creams.  I think that both products need to be in conjunction with one another to give a truly natural look.

Using a blusher should be a final step in creating a base foundation for your makeup regime.  As I mentioned, for whatever reason most women avoid using it.  Used correctly it can be the best beauty tool you own.

Types of Blushers


  • Powder Blushers – The densest type, it is best applied after translucent powder as powder adheres best to powder.  It’s also the only one to use if you want to “sculpt” your face with a blusher.
  • Cream Blushers – Best applied with fingers, this offers dense color but still lets your skin shine through.  Apply it over foundation and before powder.
  • Gel Blusher – If you want just a sheer glow, then its this type of blusher you are looking for.  You can apply it with your fingers either on bare skin or over a foundation.
  • Tinted Blusher – This is a very sheer and long lasting look.  The problem with this type is if you do not apply it carefully it can look streaky over a foundation.  If you use this type of blusher, you must blend it in well to make sure you are not creating a mask effect.
  • Shimmers – These are also referred to as highlighters and are typically used when trying to sculpt your face.  They are commonly used today as a light gleam to apply to cheekbones to make your face look thinner.  This is great for an evening look, and can barely be seen during the day.
Blusher Brushes are very important.  A round brush is vital for natural effects.  Avoid the flat ones that come in compacts, they create stripes.  For a highlight effect, get a fan brush.  Apply the highlight color to the tip of the fan brush and just apply the side of the brush to your cheekbones for the desired effect.
Blusher Tips
  • Gel or tint blushers are best used on bare skin.  They tend to stick to foundation and can be hard t blend into the skin.
  • While the shade of the blusher you choose is determined by your skin tone, keep in mind that dusky pink blush can warm up any tired looking skin.
  • The best way to work out where to apply the blusher is to go for a walk on a cold day and see where your face turns pink or rosy.  Where you appear most flushed is where you should apply your blush.  If you live in a warm climate, you should apply your blush where you generally would get tanned (or burned if not properly lotioned up).
  • If you are using a powder blusher, brush in on only one way, going over and over or around and around with the brush creates streaks.
  • When using a gel or tint, do not just apply it as one big blob and then try to blend it.  The color will take more to the one area you put the blob and not be smooth all over the face.  It will then be hard to get an even tint over the entire face.  Use small dabs around the face and then blend it into the skin.  When blending go up the cheekbone towards the forehead. The across the forehead, and then spread across the chin area.
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