Lip gloss inviting in skin cancer!

When I saw this headline on the news I had to read more. I am an avid lip gloss wearer and I never would have thought that lip gloss and cancer would even be used in the same sentence! I love my shiny wet look lip gloss, and it seems, that is the exact kind causing the problems. Experts say that the shiny, slickness of the lip gloss could be causing the sun’s rays to hit harder on your lips Surprise. Who would have thought!!!? Glosses can help the light penetrate the skin’s delicate tissues, this is so serious that it leads to the potentially fatal forms of skin cancer. How scary is this, it is estimated that there are about 3500 new cases of lip cancer diagnosed each year.

It is said that it’s the stuff that’s in the lip gloss that is causing the trouble. Our lips naturally have a protective layer but when we continually use gloss for hydration it squashes it down, leaving room for the UV rays to penetrate. It is also believed that the shine of the lip gloss also plays a factor since it is like “putting a magnifying glass on your lips”. So maybe we should be using lip balm with an SPF in it, instead of the cutesy glossy lip gloss?

I don’t know about you, but it will be kinda hard for me to give it upSad. I have lip gloss thrown everywhere in case of a lip emergency. Maybe I’ll try swapping some out for ones with SPF in itWinking.

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