Just Breathe….

breathe Ever wondered how you are supposed to breathe when you work out,I always wonder, especially when I am in the middle of working out. I constantly feel like I am doing it wrong, so much so, that it eventually starts interfering with my actual workout. Knowing how important breathing is, has made me look for answers to know the correct way of doing it.

Correctly breathing during cardio is highly important. It makes cardio more efficient while keeping your head clear and focused. Believe me, once you start getting dizzy from breathing improperly, you’ll look for help Tongue. A few examples of cardio exercises are running, cycling, and aerobics. When doing these exercises make sure you avoid shallow breathing; this is a key that you are either not breathing correctly or over working yourself. When doing cardio take longer, deeper breaths, avoid the temptation of holding your breath. You need to establish a consistent breathing pattern (inhale/exhale); it doesn’t need to be in sync with your activity. Just comfortable and consistent for you. During strength training, you exhale on the action(hardest part) and inhale on the release(easiest part). As an example, exhale when you lift a weight and inhale while lowering it.

The proper form of exhale/inhale, from what I have read, is exhale through the mouth and inhale through the nose. This has helped me become more confident and have more control while I exercise. I hope this helps some of you who had questions about breathing. Happy

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