Brazilian Bikinis

Since it’s still bikini season and all, I’m going to talk about one famous type of bikini: the Brazilian Bikini. Beginning as a trend in the hot tropics of South America, the Brazilian bikini is so hot that it quickly spread across the globe.

Brazilian bikinis are bikinis with seductively cut bottoms. It sits low on the hips and provides half the coverage of a regular bikini, really showing off the butt cheeks. When it comes to the tops, the Brazilian bikini has three main types: the triangle top, the tie top, and the halter-top. The triangle top consists of two triangle patches of fabric that are usually held in place with a set of string ties that reach around the back and neck. The tie top or the Bandeau top is a minimal tube top that can have center strings to tie behind the neck. The halter-top is similar to the triangle style but uses a bit more material.

Through the years, more and more styles of the Brazilian bikini have sprouted. In addition, the Brazilian bikini of today measures 2-3 inches smaller than the American bikinis, probably partly due to the fact that South American women tend to have a smaller build compared to North Americans. Needless to say, it takes a lot of confidence to be able to carry off the scandalously sexy Brazilian bikini. But this doesn’t mean conservative types can’t wear the Brazilian bikini because there are still larger versions perfect for those who want a bit more coverage.

When shopping for Brazilian bikinis, here are a few tips. First, make sure that you are in good shape and that other people think so and not just you. This is one type of bikini wherein you can’t do some magic – it exposes your body exactly how it is. Second, make sure you’ve had your Brazilian wax and other necessary waxes before you wear a Brazilian bikini. Third, choose a style you like best and which suits you. Even if you got a hot bod, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care anymore about style and fashion. Lots of Brazilian bikinis are available in the market so choose a color and style that most flatter you’re smokin’ bod and you’re good to go.

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