Plus Size Swimwear

Magazines and TV shows can feature stick thin models and sexy celebrities every waking day but it will not change the fact that most women are not skinny and are often normal to plus sized. Fortunately more and more clothing manufacturers are acknowledging this fact and creating special lines for plus sized and more voluptuous women to make sure they also stay in style.

It used to be that only thin women have the confidence to wear a swimsuit in public. Well not anymore, because along with the creation of plus size lines came plus size swimwear as well. Today, many stores at the mall, market, or in the Internet offer great plus size swimwear that include boy cut short styles, Tankini swimsuits, and one-piece silhouette swimsuits that really enhance the body of the plus size woman. These styles can camouflage bigger areas of the body such as the thighs and tummies. The bottom line is, they not only fit – they flatter as well.

What To Wear. If you’re plus sized and looking for some tips on wearing swimwear, here are a few that hopefully you’ll find useful. First, if you’re a bit heavy in the breast area, wear swimwear with extra breast support so that you do not endanger your breasts. If you have nice legs and you want to show them off but want to cover up your bigger upper torso, you can wear a blouson style of plus sized swimwear that balances the top and bottom half of the body. If you have thicker legs, wear swimwear that is cut higher in the hip area to create the illusion of longer legs.

You can also try tankini suits, which are one-piece swimsuits cut in half at the waist to allow more breathing room. If you’re a bit shy in showing off skin in the midsection, choose tankini suits that have smaller cuts in the middle. Remember though that one-piece suits look more flattering for full-figured women than two-piece suits because they create a vertical illusion. When it comes to color and style, wear dark-colored or vertically patterned swimwear because these have a slenderizing effect.

What Not To Wear. If you have thicker legs and you want to elongate them, refrain from wearing swimsuits with short shorts or skirts because these can make your legs appear even thicker. However skirt styles can look good if your objective is to cover up the thigh and butt area. Do not wear light and bright-colored suits or suits with large or horizontal patterns because these can make you look bigger. Lastly, refrain from too tight swimwear no matter how nice it looks – it’s always your comfort that should matter first and foremost.

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5 thoughts on “Plus Size Swimwear

  1. Thanks for some very good tips about swimwear, yes it is great that more people are specifically designing for plus size women, such as whose styles were featured in O magazine. And that is a very nice style in the photo as well.

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