Severe Dandruff

image Anyone suffering from severe to moderate dandruff can definitely understand my need to do this post. I had been having trouble with dandruff since I was a teen, so I was really suffering. No matter what I tried I couldn’t find anything that helped. I actually had psoriasis, a much worse form than just dandruff. But, of course, I didn’t know that. All I knew was that I had crazy dandruff all the time.

I had tried Vaseline, creams, lotions, just about anything that may work. Most things I tried just burned my scalp and then made it much worse and much more embarrassing. Finally, I decided to get professional help and so I went to a dermatologist. What I found out, totally surprised me! He gave me some prescriptions to help the bad flare up I was having at the moment. But the surprising part is what he told me to use.

image He stated that Head and Shoulders Intensive Solutions may be able to help me. But for me to make sure that the one I got was the one with 2% pyrithione zinc. I did as I was told and, believe it or not, no more dandruff or scalp problems. Almost immediately, no more problems. I can’t explain why it works, it must be the 2% zinc. I never would have thought something you buy right off the shelves would work, but it did. I hope this helps anyone else that may be suffering as I was.

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