Lower Cholesterol with Tomatoes

Did you know you could lower bad cholesterol just by eating tomatoes? I didn’t, and it was really surprising when I found it out. It has to do with the Lycopene (it gives them their color) found in tomatoes. A study found that women with high blood lycopene levels had a reduction in heart disease. During a study to find out more about this, scientist gave half their subjects ketchup and the remaining tomato juice. At the end of the study the tomato people’s cholesterol had dropped by an average of 6%. Pretty cool Cool. I thought they were just yummy, nice to know they are actually healthy.

So, I would think if you are trying to lower your cholesterol start trying tomatoes. There are so many different ways you consume them, it won’t hurt to try. You can eat tomatoes; canned, juiced (v-8), bottled (ketchup), fresh (tomato sandwiches…yummy!!!). I could eat tomatoes for days, seriously, like it’s an apple. They are delicious and healthy for you, give them a try, see if they make a difference in your health.

I am just hoping they don’t come out with a new study showing too many aren’t good for you, like they’ll make you turn red from the lycopeneBig Grin.

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