Dark underarms

image Many people suffer from this condition, not ever knowing why they have it or where it came from. It seems that it usually just starts appearing out of nowhere, and never goes away. There are 5 basic causes of this condition and there are few things that may help alleviate the embarrassment dark underarms cause for so many people.

There are some things that can get rid of or lessen the appearance. First, if you are a shaver, Stop! This causes hair to be caught under the surface of the skin and if your skin is lighter than the hair, it show through. Start waxing or plucking the skin. You may see an almost immediate change after the 1st waxing. To combat dead cell build-up, exfoliate with a product containing lactic acid and try using a pumice stone after you clean. If you suffer from a medical condition, watch your diet. I would recommend going to a dermatologist to get prescription strength lightener.

Some more things you can try to ease the darkness is OTC bleaching, applying lemon juice to the area, steer clear of polyester in those areas, and keep the areas clean and dry and only wax for hair removal. Avoid using anti-perspirants!

If you suffer from this, you know how embarrassing and self consciences it makes you. With a little research you may be able to help yourself with this problem.

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9 thoughts on “Dark underarms

  1. On-prescription acne skin care products are the ones that are prescribed by a dermatologist. This can include ointments that can be applied on the affected area or oral antibiotics or just any topical treatment. Dermatologist could also suggest a minor surgical procedure to remove the contents of pustules. However, never try to squeeze or do this by yourself, it can lead to permanent damage of your skin. Your doctor could also prescribe a hormone-based treatment (since hormonal changes are also known to cause acne). Such acne skin care products are known to be very effective in some cases. So, with all those acne skin care products, tackling acne is not that difficult.

  2. Good advice. Wax or laser to remove hair. Don’t use deodorants and antiperspirants, wear only cotton next to your skin, follow good hygiene

    While taking a shower do this daily –
    1)Use baking soda to cleanse skin,
    2)apply alcohol and let dry,
    3) apply vinegar and let dry,
    4) dust with baking soda or use crystal deodorants that contain alum. At the end of the day, repeat the process from 1 – 3 and moisturize with tea tree oil. After sometime your skin will be smoother and lighter, naturally exfoliated and moisturized, getting rid of dead skin and product built up and getting rid of most of the stink causing bacteria.

    1. There are some natural remedies out there. Check out deodorants offered at health food stores. I am sure you will find a product that you can use.

  3. simple combination of freshly prepared cosmetic and galvanic machine treatment will help get rid of darkness on any part of the body including under arm, buttocks underside, under breasts and on waist due to tight clothing of Indian women. a demo video can be seen at yutube.com under title INSTANT FAIRNESS SKIN LIGHTENING IN 3 MINUTES IN INDIA. a simple care after the treatment will keep the parts fairer forever.

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