Possible Detox Side Effects

I had recently written about a detox diet I was on. It actually was not really a diet, but a way to cleanse the toxins out of my system. Since our skin is the largest organ of our bodies, yes I said organ, it comes into contact with so many toxins throughout the day, let alone our lives. The air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink, the things we touch, all contain some form of bacteria as well as toxins whether we realize it or not. While some bacteria is a good thing for us, there are many that are not. Same goes for the toxins.

Being in my mid forties now, realizing I had never detoxed, I felt I had wanted to try. I had read so much about a variety of detox modalities, liking this one the best, I chose a natural detox that I would be willing to share with you if you contact me. The thing about this detox as opposed to others is you are able to eat on this detox. You are never food deprived, however if you eat foods that are “bad” for you, for example fried foods, or heavy, rich, fat laden foods, you may experience some cramping from any drinkable detox. The reason being that you intestines are working overtime trying to get the poisons out of your body and here we are adding more into it…hence the cramping.

What people also tend to forget about detox is that you are removing all essential vitamins and minerals from your system. These vitamins and minerals MUST be replenished in the form of healthy foods and/or a vitamin mineral supplement. If you forgo the supplement, you may initially feel like you have more energy, but after a weeks time you may being to feel lethargic and fatigued once again.

Another point about detox is the need for rest. While your body is working overtime cleansing itself, it needs additional rest in order to recuperate and become more energized. Sleep is essential during a detox period. A few people who had done a variety of detox products along with me during the week of my detox treatment had mentioned that they were now feeling more fatigued. After speaking with them about their experiences it came to light that indeed they were not getting enough rest and they were not taking a supplement of any type to replenish their systems.

Another thing to avoid during detox is caffeine, chocolate, alcohol and meats. These tend to alter the effect of the detox and may also induce more cramping and slight abdominal pain.

Following the suggestions listed above, your detox should go smoothly. Feel free to add comments and tell us your favorite detox therapy.

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2 thoughts on “Possible Detox Side Effects

  1. Absolutley eat a tuna sandwich! You can eat virtually anything you want. I would stay away from heavy greasy foods, that may cause some tummy cramps. 😦 But its not good for you anyway.

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