Dark Neck Problems

image I recently wrote an article on dark underarms and have been getting feedback from those wanting more information on the conditions that create dark necks as well. As stated in my previous post, it could be a sign of a medical condition known as acanthosis nigricans. Acanthosis can begin at any age with sign, symptom or warning. It is characterized by dark neck, underarms, and groin areas. The dark areas will have a velvety, deeply creased, brown to black coloring. Most of the times those who suffer from this condition are overweight. If it develops in those who are not overweight, you should seek medical attention immediately because it could be a sign of a more serious problem such as tumors in the stomach.

It is believed that Acanthosis Nigricans is an insulin related condition and those with it usually have elevated insulin levels. Too much starches and sugars can further negatively impact this condition by causing insulin resistance. With proper diet and medical guidance, skin improvement can be seen. Many people have this condition and may not even know why or how they got it. So, if you suffer from this, don’t despair. Get to your doctor and learn all the facts and what you can do to help this condition and ensure it won’t get worse.

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3 thoughts on “Dark Neck Problems

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