Exercise with a Beat

Do you wonder why you see many men and women working out in the gym or jogging in the streets with an iPod or another music player stuck to their ears? More than incorporating listening enjoyment to getting fit, studies have shown that listening to music during exercise is actually very beneficial to the health.

Mood Uplifter. For one, we all know how music tends to affect our mood. Listening to music that you like evokes a positive mood that makes you happier with what you are doing, such as exercising. You don’t feel the fatigue as easily because something enjoyable distracts you and makes it alright to go on. Thus, you exercise more with passion every day, allowing you to reach your weight goals faster.

Improved Cognitive Function and Brain Power. There has long been evidence that exercise improves cognitive function in coronary artery disease patients and that music enhances brain power. So the researchers at the Ohio State University put the two together and tested 33 male and female heart patients. Results showed that participants felt better emotionally and mentally after working out, whether or not they listened to music. However, there was a significant improvement in verbal fluency test from those who listened to music. Researchers believe that “the combination of music and exercise may stimulate and increase cognitive arousal while helping to organize cognitive output”.

Performance Enhancer. Music can aid you in achieving the best performance, whatever your purpose of exercise is. If you need a lot of energy, fast tempo music can inject a lot of vigor to your workout. If your exercise needs you to slow down and relax, soft and mellow music can help you achieve that calming state.

Concentration Booster. Listening to music allows you to shut out the external world and focus on the exercise at hand. It boosts your concentration and doesn’t allow you to get easily distracted by what you see or what you can hear.

Better Flow of Movement. Did you know that selecting the right tempo of music for your exercise can actually enhance its flow? For instance, during strength training, choosing songs with a beat per minute (BPM) of about 120 allows you to keep your speed at the right rate. Meanwhile, choosing a higher BPM when running allows you to move at the best comfortable pace.

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