Still not too late for Mother’s Day

  Tomorrow may be mother’s day but for all you last minute or forgetful shopper’s there is still hope. So, before you turn your sites to the cliche’ mother’s day gift of just flowers, you still have time for a pretty nice, quick and easy gift.

  • A new one this year is an gift certificate. Amazon has everything you need or think you need all in one nice site. The gift certificates can be emailed to the special mom before you even call to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day.
  • Another cool idea is to get her a personalized screen saver for her. Nowadays, who doesn’t have a cell phone and if yours is anything like mine, she only uses it to make and receive calls. Nothing more, Nothing less. So, create a personalized  screen saver for her phone. It’s a touching and personalized gift idea. A great idea from the kids to their mom.
  • Detail and fill mom’s gas tank. This is something she is sure to appreciate and enjoy. Go by early tomorrow morning and borrow mom’s car. Bring it back detailed to a “T” and a full tank of gas. I would finish it off with a flower in the seat. Perfect gift.
  • For a mom who loves to read, get her an affordable jumpdrive, preferably the easiest to use. Download mom a few of her favorite books. Now she has a couple of books all in one place that she can sit down and read at her own leisure.
  • If your mom enjoys cooking, create her an online recipe box. This can be done at or You create her account then email her the log-in information. She will be able to store all the recipes she likes, and she can search for more recipes on the sites.

These are some simple and easy ideas. With a little thought you can come up with some special unique gifts just for your mom. Enjoy and make sure she has a Happy Mother’s Day.

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