Flatten those abs


flat tummy Whether you have been pregnant, eating unhealthy, or a beer drinker, you may have some belly fat that you want to get rid of. One thing you have to remember before you start doing tons of crunches and sit-ups is that spot exercising does not work. If you don’t do cardio or work on losing fat, all those crunches you are doing will form muscle, of course, but under the belly fat. What you want is a lean, trim, tight physique. This requires cardio and healthy eating.

The best way I know to get flatter abs, is to do cardio. Cardio atleast 60 minutes a day will help shed those excess pounds. Cardio is just doing moderate exercise, this can be a long brisk walk. Take the dog on a long walk. But the more intense the cardio the more fat you will lose. It has been shown that belly fat is the quickest fat to go, that’s great news!

You may also want to try following a healthy diet. I had been hearing about MUFA’s never really knew what they were. At first, I thought it was a bad word, or some gimmick someone was trying to sell. But I found that these are Monosaturated Fatty Acids, they can be found in chocolate, soybeans, seeds, nuts, avocados, olives, olive and canola oils and are believed to target belly fat. Here are some great MUFA recipes and some information about why you should eat MUFA’s.

The only secret I have found to losing belly fat is that there is no secret. A calorie-controlled diet and exercising for atleast an hour each day will help keep you healthy and with a flat tummy.

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