Acid Reflux..HELP!

Acid reflux also known as heart burn can strike at anyone, any age at anytime. It has caused many sleepless nights, irritability, throat pain, coughing and even hoarseness for many. Well now there is a natural way to treat this common ailment and its yummy too!

Forget the Prevacid, buy some candied ginger, yogurt or sugarless gum

Many types of foods can bring a bout of acid reflux, new studies have shown that chewing sugarless gum for 30 minutes can decrease the discomfort associated with this problem by 47%. They say the reason is that by chewing the gum, the saliva doubles and that neutralizes the acid in the stomach. A long lasting sugarless gum, like Stride (which lasts a long time) is best to help. But researchers also state that gum should never be given to a child under age 5.

I love candied ginger. The one I get is from Whole Foods and has sugar on it. I have enjoyed this after meals and when I feel an urge to grab something and am so happy to hear that it has health benefits. Ginger is a well known remedy for car sickness, but studies on it have shown that the spice in it can help quell heartburn. Ginger’s active ingredient is gingerol and ferulic acid and they both increase bile production. Children with the condition should eat one nugget of candied ginger when symptoms first start. If it is to spicy for your children then you can mince it up and use it as an ice cream topping. Most adults I find, like the spiciness of the ginger.

Yogurt is another way to remedy acid reflux. a half cup serving daily will cut this problem by 75%. The digestive tract has more probiotic bacteria in it thereby providing the effectiveness needed to rid acid reflux. Keep in mind that organic yogurt tends to have more probiotic bacteria in it then most other choices.

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