Chocolate Kale Smoothie?

For many years we have heard some pros and cons about eating chocolate. Chocolate has been around for centuries. It has been enjoyed by people from all over the world. Holidays are built around the sales of chocolate in the USA. We have Valentines Day in February and then Easter.

Some studies say, do not eat it, as it causes cancer, or headaches or etc etc. Some say that it is very healthy and should be enjoyed often. So what do you listen too? Chocolate in fact has many more pros then it does cons.

Have you ever heard of free radicals? Free radicals are things that cause the body to age, inside and out. They can come from the environment and from within our own bodies as well. They are in fact part of the natural process people have as part of the digestion and respiratory systems. They are harmful compounds that cause the mitochondria to slow its production of energy. The mitochondria are the power plants of our cells. They are the energy source of our bodies. Eating chocolate, which contains a ton of anti-oxidants, fights the slow down of the mitochondria, helping the body to gain more energy. Anti-oxidants are known to help combat free radical damage from both inside and outside our bodies. Fruits that are richly colored such as blueberries and cherries are also rich in anti-oxidants as well.

If stress is what you are up against, and who isn’t these days, then Kale is the food you want to eat. Kale, that dark green leafy stuff that many people use as a garnish, is known for being rich in vitamin B. When people feel stressed, the bodies demand for Vitamin B becomes increased. Vitamin B also fuels the production of mitochondria in our cells. So when we feel stressed, our cells become depleted of the Vitamin they are in most need of in order to continue producing what the body needs for energy. The ripple effect takes hold of us when we are under stress. Since the cells are not getting their Vitamin B and we are feeling fatigued, our brain realizes this first and the result of our stress is fogginess and faulty memory. Luckily green leafy kale can rescue us. Three to four servings a day of not just kale but any dark green leafy veggie can help us in our time of needed energy.

Gotta run make a chocolate kale smoothie. 🙂

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