Pets Go Green

image Everywhere you look these days, is eco-safe this and that. Sure we are all doing our part, well we should be doing our part by now. So what about your pets? They want to be just as green as you areWinking. After all, they enjoy the outdoors more than you ever could. So why not help them on their task to going green. There are so many accessories and products we purchase all year long for our pets, why not make them green.

     Companies are producing not just green products for humans but also for your pets. You can start switching out their items for eco friendly dog beds, bowls/feeders, pretty much everything they have or want, comes green now. From luxury items to the mundane water bowl, it all comes eco-friendly now. Companies like Earth Doggy, and West Paw are reusing materials and using eco friendly products to keep your dog in the style they are accustomed to. You can even dress your dogs in green products. So there is really no excuse why your pet can’t be just as green and earth friendly as you are. Stylish, hip, and earth friendly;  the new name for doggy accessories.

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