Slippery Soles

My daughter had a bar mitzvah to go to this past weekend. So being crazy with juggling the three kids schedules we of course left shopping til last minute. The party was taking place on Saturday, so Friday after school we went out looking for a great pair of shoes she can wear with her new outfit. After many hours of trying on a variety of shoes, we found a pair of shoes. We were so excited, it was like looking through a haystack to find that one needle. We were planning our late night dinner as she slipped on the shoes that we were going to purchase, telling each other how tiring this process was. Feeling purely exhausted, she slipped the shoes on her feet with an air of delight. She began doing the “runway walk” for me that she has always done since she was a little girl when trying on new shoes. Then suddenly, she slid falling on her rump in the middle of the store. Being slightly embarrassed (but not bruised), she got up feeling like she just lost a battle.

A very nice lady walked up to us and after inquiring if my daughter was alright told me a secret about slippery shoes. Logically I should have thought of this myself. She said that to create traction you should slightly scrape sand paper along the bottom of the shoe. The gritty material gives shoes a textured surface leading to few falls. It also doubles its service because it will take off those price labels on the bottom of your shoes. The only draw back is, once sanded you cannot return them to the store. So be sure they are the shoes you love before sanding their soles.

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