The Powerful Raisin!

You can recharge your batteries with the food you eat. Raisins are packed with 3mg of energy revving iron op per cup. This nutrient elevates blood levels of hempglobin which distributes oxygen throughout the body. As a result, cells step up their energy output, thereby providing you with more energy. Iron is key in energy levels. It also helps produce carnitine, an amino acid that helps the body convert fat to fuel.

If sharper thinking is what you need raisins can help with that as well. Raisins contain boron, a trace mineral that has been proven in a variety of studies to help stimulate beta waves in the brain that activate nerves in the cortex of the brain. This area of the brain provides us with the ability to focus, and become more alert.

Raisins have also been proven to help prevent tooth decay. They contain oleanolic acid, which is highly effective at killing streptococcus mutans, a bacteria strain that causes cavities and other tooth disease.
The power of raisins does not stop there. Snacking on only a couple handfuls a day will alleviate digestion problems, heartburn and bloating.

Raisins although small are a great brain food. Have you had any today?

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