Hair Loss

  The normal growth for hair is about 1cm per month during a hair growth cycle of 2 to 6 years. About 90% of hair is growing and 10% is in a resting phase. After 2 or 3 months, the resting hair falls out and new hair starts to grow back. Shedding hair is normal, but when you start to notice excessive hair loss for no known reason, you may start to worry. This can effect men, women and children of any age.

There are some causes that may lead to your hair loss. Some common causes are post pregnancy, stress, hormonal problems, illnesses, infections, or medicines. There are common and if your hair loss are from these reasons there really isn’t much you can do to combat it some of these. But there are times when we can cause hair loss from improper care of your hair.

Wearing pony tails and pulling the hair too tight can lead to hair breakage. This can also cause scarring of the scalp and lead to permanent hair loss. Also, the popular hot oil treatments and perms can also lead to scarring and hair loss. Poor diet is also a culprit in some cases. You should eat healthily and not try any “lose weight quick” starvation diets, they are murder on the hair.

Some hair loss has treatments that can help. Hair re-growth medicines have been shown to help re-grow hair. Some popular brands are Rogaine (for men and women), and Propecia (men only). You can also try some alternative medicines and massaging the scalp may help. There’s a ton of information on the internet you can try to re-grow and thicken hair. What have you got to lose, nothing but your hair, which is already leaving.

If your hair loss is the result of hormones or medicines you are taking, contact your doctor. The doctor may be able to change your medicines and correct any hormone problems causing your hair loss.

Sometimes hair loss can’t be avoided. You can look into hair pieces, weaves, wigs, or you can just adapt and live with it.

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5 thoughts on “Hair Loss

  1. My sister in law is suffering an enormous amount of hair loss from an auto-immune disease she has been struggling with for the past 5 or so years. She is just about completely bald and losing the hair on her eyebrows as well. She goes for acupuncture treatments to help but to no avail except for the black and blue marks from the tiny pinholes the needles gave her. Does anyone have any information on this condition?

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  3. I started taking these vitamins in July and they are the real deal! I have seen a SIGNIFICANT difference in my hair and my hairdresser commented on it as well. I never told her I was taking any supplements, she just said my hair had really thickened up. Its much thicker and shinier and has been quite stable over the past 6 months as well!!! Try it!

  4. A significant number of people are affected by hair loss. Much of this hair loss is hereditary; however, other factors also play a role in hair loss. At our El Paso, Texas practice, we offer hair restoration surgery and transplants to help our patients regain their confidence.

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