Preventing Back Pain

It’s a known fact that as we grow older, our bones turn brittle and become weaker. One of the first manifestations of this is back pain. Just how can we slow down the process and be more productive without dealing with aches in the back? Here are a few tips given by experts that you may find useful.

1. Watch your weight. Being overweight can cause a lot of back problems because the spine has to counterbalance a lot of extra weight, particularly in the front midsection or the belly area. Women who have too large for comfort breasts may also experience back issues. So remember to keep your weight at a normal level. More than protecting you against major diseases in your later years, keeping your weight balanced also saves you from a lot of present back pain.

2. Slow down, brake and rest. Do you know that long car rides can damage your lower back? This is because the constant body vibration caused by speed and bumps affects your lower back and heightens risk of pain. It is important to slow down when the road gets rough because speed magnifies the effect of bumps. If you’re in for a long drive, remember to stop once in a while, rest, and stretch your body.

3. Relax. Studies around the globe have shown that a lot of back pain is caused by tremendous amount of stress and pressure. It is vital to take time to relax and do away with work or personal issues that cause you a lot of stress. Exercise, go to spas and have a massage, and do other things that you know relieve you and soothe your body tensions.

4. Sleep in the proper way. When you sleep, do not lie on your stomach because it causes your back to bend and creates a lot of pressure on your lower spine. The best positions are usually lying on your side or your back. In addition, sleeping in a bed or mattress that is not firm and flat can cause a lot of back pain. If you are currently sleeping in the same mattress you have used for many years now, it may be time to change and buy a new one. No matter how much you’ve become used to your mattress and feel comfortable in it, it may actually be the cause of some of the back pains you are experiencing.

5. Don’t smoke. Here’s another reason why you should stop smoking: cigarette smoke can reduce the flow of your blood to the spine, leading to herniation of a disk in your back. Thus, unless you want to suffer from a lot of back pain before you even reach your prime years, do away with the smokes.

Do you have more tips?

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2 thoughts on “Preventing Back Pain

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    Hope this info is helpful to others. Good Luck!

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