Reduce Wrinkles

image As we age, we start to worry more and more about wrinkles and aging. The worry about the wrinkles can often cause wrinkles itself. Many wrinkles come along with age, but some we often help out.

Squinting can cause repetitive facial movements that will form a ridge beneath the skin by overworking your muscles. This eventually leaves a wrinkle. If you have to squint, look into getting glasses. Glasses are far better a fashion statement than wrinkles.

Who would have thought that you can be enabling wrinkling while you sleep?! It’s a sad truth that those face lines you see when you awake, don’t all fade through the day. Side and face down lead to increased face wrinkles, it is best to sleep on back. For those of us just getting this crucial information, too lateSad, try a wrinkle cream to help fill those lines.

Don’t over wash your face. Washing your face with tap water strips the skin of nutrients. When you do wash, don’t use normal soap. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser or soap containing a moisturizer.

Things that you eat can also affect your skin. It was found that cocoa will actually lead to healthier feeling and looking skin. Soy, so popular these days, can help protect and firm the skin. Salmon assists in maintaining great skin. It contains omega-3, a fatty acid, that nourishes skin. Eating Salmon will keep skin plump and youthful.

You will also want to remember the old rituals of no smoking, moisturizing and sunscreen. Mother Nature is already gearing up to give you wrinkles, don’t help her out. Take care of your skin, you only get one shot at it.

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4 thoughts on “Reduce Wrinkles

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  2. Everybody is aging. But with the professional anti-aging solutions and resources provided in this website, you will certainly be able to slow down the tick of your biological clock!

  3. Ooooohhhh….if only sunglasses would stop me from squinting. (yo sits dreaming) But then there’s eyes after 40 that need bifocals and more squinting. I’m doomed. LOL

    But seriously though folks! I’m glad you mentioned the nutrition end. Sometimes that gets left out on the subject of wrinkles.

    I think smoking does more damage to the skin and increasing wrinkles than anything. There was a special many moons ago where they had a teenage girl smoking and they showed on the monitor the oxygen being depleted from her skin. It really freaked her out and no wonder.

    I think more women should see that show. Maybe they’d stop smoking and give their skin care regimen a chance to actually work.

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