Sugar Facial

If you want a facial, a sugar facial is an excellent choice. Sugar is a natural way to use an alpha-hydroxy acid in your facial or body care. To buy a beauty product that gives the same benefits would be rather costly. So here is a really easy one you can do yourself at home.

What you will need:

  • liquid facial soap
  • 1 tsp white granulated sugar
  • 1 clean medium sized towel
  • moisturizer
  • warm water

How to :

  1. Apply soap onto face, working up a good lather
  2. Using hands only, rub sugar onto face in a circular motion
  3. Continue applying soap until it has lathered in with soap and is applied to whole face (don’t rub too hard!)
  4. Add warm water as needed to face to get the entire face “sugared up”
  5. Rinse entire face with warm water
  6. Rinse entire face with cool water (this helps to close pores)
  7. Pat dry with towel
  8. Use your moisturizer

This is a very easy facial you can do once or twice a week. Facials are wonderful to add into your regular facial regiment. So, next time you want a facial do it yourself. You’ll save money and time, all while getting a great facial!!

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