Exercise Cautions

We all know that exercise is a must for our health and general well-being. However, we must also beware of every exercise move that we do, lest we find ourselves doing a move that may not be beneficial and may even be harmful. Read on to know some exercise moves experts suggest we may be doing incorrectly.


The minute we wake up and gear up for exercise, the first thing we want to do is stretch. Stretching allows our bodies to condition itself for a workout. However, it is important to remember that stretching needs to be slow and gentle, because too fast stretching and movement after hours of sleep and rest can tear muscle fibers. Stretch the vital body parts slowly and surely until every muscle feels comfortable.

Head Circling

Moving the head in a circle direction or head circling is another pre-workout or pre-jogging activity done to alert oneself and shake off any lingering feelings of sleepiness. When circling your head, remember to keep it slow and paced, because sudden movements can damage your soft tissues and neck joints.

Toe Reaching

This is one of the most common exercise steps taught everywhere because of its’ supposed strengthening of abdominal muscles and the beneficial strengthening of lower back muscles and hamstrings. The truth is, toe reaching can actually harm you instead of improve body condition because it stresses the vertebrae, discs and muscles of the lower back. I was surprised about this one because it is often included in most exercise regimens. If you have your own thoughts or knowledge about this do share.

Sit Ups

Another popular exercise method, sit ups with curled or straight legs stress and strain the lower back and target the wrong muscles. A better version is to do the abdominal curl while lying on your back with your arms on the side and your knees bent. As you do each abdominal curl, you are bringing your ribcage and pelvis closer together which benefits you in the long run.

Care to share more exercise do’s and don’ts?

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