What’s your healthy weight?

With so much emphasis on being slim and trim, it is important to remember that you need to maintain a healthy weight. Being fit and healthy doesn’t mean being skinny. Many teens and young adults confuse the two. They will think that healthy means being razor thin and this leads to so many troubles they are having now when dealing with health and nutrition.

This is a great BMI (Body Mass Index) to start off with to give you a general idea of your category.  If you know what you should be weighing it’s a good chance you can reach and maintain your goals. Simply looking in the mirror is not a good determination of when you are healthy. Being too thin can have some negative effects just as being overweight does. I found this great healthy weight calculator from weight watchers. This will let you know where you need be to a healthy normal weight. If you are your normal weight and are still bothered by your body, try toning up. Once you gain some muscle you may start to notice you are happier with your body. Exercising has so many benefits, you are sure to feel and look better in no time!!

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