Affordable Teen Fashion

I am always in the market for inexpensive cute quality clothes for my daughter (sounds like I am asking for a lot, I know). She is a fashionista in her own right, gets it from her mom :). Well, this trait can get to be quite expensive, two fashionaholics in one house. I, being a hardcore Internet shopper, look tirelessly for discounts and sales from stores I like. This past week I found a site that has gotten me really excited, Heavenly Couture. The exciting part is that everything on this site is $17.95 or less, and it’s quality clothing. How exciting, right!

     They sell cool junior fashions and shoes. Heavenly Couture really has some cute clothes for the teen and young adult in your home. For their prices you may end up making them a permanent shopping source. They are a store located in California, I am just glad they are on the net. I can’t wait to order some things for myself, I mean my daughter :). Their clothes remind me of Old Navy or AE, me and my daughter’s favorites. For the price, they have a nice selection and a very nice site to shop from. Get Shopping!!

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One thought on “Affordable Teen Fashion

  1. I love fashion, problem is; most of it isn’t cheap. I don’t have alot of money to spend as a teenager, so I need something fashionable and not too expensive.

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