Got Hair?

Everyone is usually born with hair or the ability to grow hair…ultimately if born bald hair will grow. We have hair all over our bodies in both good and bad places. When we have hair in places we really do not want it, we have to decide which method of hair removal we want to use. Some methods are more painful then others, as many women already know.

Our options are many for hair removal. Pick your poison.

Bleaching – This is an option, but do not expect your hair to disappear. When we bleach our hair, typically it is not painful, unless you leave the bleach on your skin for too long. Your skin may turn red and appear burned, and may even hurt or feel raw. If you have sensitive skin, you should refrain from using this method.

Shaving – This is a very temporary fix for unwanted hair. As most men know, they can shave one morning and that evening have a 6 o’clock shadow. No wonder it got that nickname. 🙂 When you shave your hair, no matter what part of the body it is on, the hair will tend to grow back thicker and in some cases darker then the hair you removed. The other problem with shaving, is razor stubble and ingrown hair. Darker skin people tend to get little bumps on their face from shaving, but they appear darker then their overall skin color. Typically no pain is associated with shaving, unless of course you cut yourself while in the process. (YIKES!)

Tweezing – A man must have come up with the idea of tweezers! The method of pulling out individual hairs with a tweezer is fine if you are tweezing a small area of the face or body. Its not an ideal method for larger areas of hair, unless of course you have a ton of time and a ton more of patience. 🙂 When tweezing you are actually pulling the hair out by the base of the follicle. If you happen to get the little white bulb on the end, chances are hair will never grow from that particular pore again. That white bulb is called the root of the hair. Make sure you place your tweezers at the base of the follicle, or all you are doing is breaking the hair, leaving the bottom half in place.

Depilatory Cream – There are a multitude of creams available on the marketplace for hair removal. Make sure you check the ingredients and the warnings before using any of them. The chemicals used in some of these creams actually give off fumes and can burn the eyes (kind of like an onion when you are cutting one). The cream will actually dissolve the hair and after a few moments of leaving it on the skin, hair can be virtually wiped away. The problem with this method is that if you leave the cream on for too long it can irritate the skin and burn (like being sunburned). You also have to be careful as the ingredients may contain something that you are allergic too.

Waxing and Sugaring – Basically these two options are done very similarly to one another. The sugaring uses sugar that is mixed with a little lemon juice (as an antiseptic). The mixture is blended into a paste that is heavily applied to the skins surface. After a couple of minutes, strips of gauze are placed on the skin over the sugar paste. The gauze is then pulled off the leg in the same direction as the hair growth. The same basic premis applies for waxing as well. The biggest difference is that you are using hot wax, not sugar paste. Hope you have a decent pain tolerance for this one!

Threading – Threading is becoming increasingly popular among younger people. Novelty stores in the mall actually do threading now. Threading is just that, threading a hair with common sewing thread. The hair is wrapped with the thread and then the hair is pulled out gently with the thread. This is a great method of hair removal if you are using it for eyebrows, unwanted individual hairs on the face, and moustaches. The pain is slightly less then that of tweezing.

Laser Hair Removal/Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) – Laser hair removal is very similar to IPL, Intense Pulsed Light. They both involve removing the hair from below the dermis (the skins surface). They both require more then on session of treatment for complete hair removal. These processes tend to be more costly then their counterparts and they pose more risks then their counterparts. Common issues people suffer from when undergoing these treatments are burning of the skin, and/or some type of rashy looking skin outbreak. Of course not all people experience the same issues. The experience of the practitioner plays a huge role in these types of treatments. Make sure you research the practitioner thoroughly before using their services.

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