Eating your way to healthier hair

Just like eating healthy helps make your skin more radiant and healthier, eating healthy also helps make your hair look awesome! Hair follicles rely on nourishment from your blood supply to maintain hair health. If you change your diet to make your hair healthier, do not expect to see a radical change for about 3 months. It takes that long for your hair to grow. So if you were to shave your entire head today, don’t expect to see any real hair growth for 3 months!

When your body is lacking in nutrients, your hair will suffer. Your hair will grow slower ad become dry. Nutrients are important in diet for many reasons. Beating this is simple, you can eat a well balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables, with a minimum of two servings of protein a day and whole grain carbohydrates. As long as your hair is being fed your hair should grow on average a half inch per month, the hair will appear shinier, healthier, stronger and thicker.

The interesting thing I recently found out is that no amount of vitamins you can take orally will repair chemically damaged hair or split ends. What you eat will help you with certain types of hair conditions.

Oily Hair – Oily hair, if not genetic, is from the spices in your food. Any foods that cause the skin to sweat will also cause your scalp to sweat and increase the oils in your hair. Avoid eating spicy foods.

Dull Hair – Chemical processes cause hair to appear dull and lifeless as well as lack of protein in the diet. Bleaching, a common chemical practice for women will cause hair to appear dull. Bleaching is the harshest form of chemical treatment you can do to your hair. It breaks the hair cuticle and impedes the ability for light to reflect off the hair. The second reason hair may appear dull is the lack of protein in the diet. If you eat a gram of healthy protein per pound of body weight a day, your hair will become healthier and shinier. Healthy protein being lean meat, fish, dairy, poultry, nuts seeds or legumes.

Dry Hair – Dry hair is a key sign of a deficient amount of Essential Fatty Acids in your diet. If your hair is frizzy or fly away is a sure indicator of this problem. Eating fruits, nuts, seeds and oily fish like mackeral or salmon help this issue. These foods mentioned above also provide the body with much needed protein that allows hair to be healthy and shiny.

Slow Growing Hair – If this is your problem then you need more B Vitamins. B Vitamins provide the body with energy and are greatly needed for hair growth. If you are fatigued, lethargic, low energy chances are your hair grows slower the you’d like it too. Eating little and often will help keep energy levels up, and you may even lose some weight to top it off. Biotin also helps create thicker, faster growing hair. Eating more eggs, fish, milk, nuts and legumes help this problem.

Thinning Hair – Typically people with this issue are suffering from an iron deficiency. Make sure you are getting 14.8mg of iron a day, whether its by a vitamin supplement (which you should be taking anyway) or through the foods you eat. Lean red meat, dark green leafy veggies help gain more iron in your body. If you are taking vitamins, make sure you are not taking too much Vitamin A. To much Vitamin A causes hair loss and can become toxic in your body. The first sign of toxicity with this vitamin is hair loss.

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