Hair Myths


My hair got used to the products i have been using so they are now less effective.  If you like certain products and they work for your hair, stick with them.  Hair does not have a memory, the only way your products may not be working on your hair anymore is if something changed within your hair.  For example: If you chemically treat your hair now.  If the season changes.  Otherwise stick with the products you enjoy using.


You can mend split ends using serums and product.  Nope, sorry to report serums are a quick fix.  They only work as long as they are on your hair.  Once your hair is washed, the serum is out and here come the split ends once again.  Serums temporarily seal the ends making your hair look less rough.  The only way to treat split ends are to cut them off.  Do so before the hair cuts all the way up the hair shaft and does more damage.


Perming and coloring your hair at the same time at home does not hurt your hair.  The chemicals in these two processes will lead to damaged hair and a ton of breakage especially if you try it on your own.  Make sure you go to your hairstylist and tell them everything you have in your hair before undergoing either of these two treatments.  Something you may already be using in your hair may contribute to horrible hair days ahead.  Don’t forget to mention the henna. 😉


Brushing your hair 100 times per day is great for your hair.  Nope, doing this can actually cause your hair to be brittle and broken.  As you brush you damage the hair shaft.  Just brushing 2-3 times to get tangles out is what you should do.  Start at the ends of the hair, holding the strands about halfway up to prevent tugging at the root and pulling out the hair.  This method also prevents those dreaded split ends.


Losing 100 hairs a day is a sign of being unhealthy.  The average person loses 100 hairs a day….did you hear that word in there AVERAGE.  That means some people lose a little more and some a little less.  Many people tend to lose the most hair in the fall months of October and November as hair reaches maturity in its growth cycle.  You should really only be concerned about the amount of hair you are losing if you can see your scalp through your hair.  If this happens you should consult a trichologist (an expert in hair problems).  Poor nutrition causes hair loss, wearing ponytails tightly, can undergoing some cancer treatments will cause hair loss.


Dandruff is a chronic issue that will never go away.  Dandruff occurs when bacteria cause skin cells to clump on the scalp.  Dandruff is not attributed to greasy hair.  If you have greasy hair along with the dandruff you have a different problem called seborrheic dermatitis which needs to be treated through the use of cortisone creams.  Dry scalp dandruff is caused by the shampoos you use that are too harsh on your hair and scalp.  Try using a more gentle milder shampoo and conditioner (if you use conditioner).  If the problem still persists try using a shampoo specially made for dandruff.

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One thought on “Hair Myths

  1. I read your article. I think it is really very helpful in case of myths that we usual think are true.Thank you so much for clarifying them .There are also some of the natural remedies that can be used for hair problems.It would be really great if you could mention some of them in your article.
    Well i could suggest this as i just browsed through this link

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