Hair we go

Ever wonder why other people do not have as many bad hair days as you have? It could be in the products they use. Different hair types require different products, and those products used will be determined by the hair style you want to use them for.

There are so many products on the market to hold hair styles in place. I know that when I walk into my local beauty supply store, I am overwhelmed with all the products lined up on the shelves. There are way too many choices in the market if you ask me, it’s just more confusing for consumers.

I am going to try to simplify which products do what here and hope you find it helpful next time you are shopping for hair products.

Mousse – Mousses is used when you want to create body in your hair. When using mousse you want to apply it into damp hair and use an amount the size of a golfball. When applying this product you want to concentrate on putting it on the roots of the hair.

Gel – Gel gives hair a more defines, sculpted look. The hold on gel is longer lasting then using mousse. Be cautious when using gel, too much will make your hair very stiff and unmanageable. You should always use a dime sized glob of it on short hair styles or a quarter size glob for longer hair styles.

Wax – When my son gets his hair cut, the woman always applies wax to the front so the hair will stand up in the front. While my son does not seem to mind it, you cannot go near him with wax in his hair. When the wax dries, it hardens…a lot. I tried kissing my son after his hair cut and almost cut my face…on his hair! lol Maybe thats why he likes using gel, to avoid being kissed. 🙂 Wax is great for tousled looking styles that need more control and shine. Its great to use on short hair rather then log hair. Using too much WILL make your hair sticky and attract more dirt and grime. For best results, use a pearl sized glob warmed in your palms and smoothed down in the direction you want your hair to be positioned in. Make sure you remove any excess wax quickly.

Serum – Serum is used to create a shine in hair. It really is not meant to hold hair into place. Some serums come enriched with vitamins to help treat split ends or damaged hair. When using serum do not use any more than a dime sized glob. Using too much will make your hair appear greasy.

Hairspray – Usually used as a finishing touch on hair styles. If sprayed directly onto hair, it will make hair very stuff and hard. Instead spray a fine mist over the hair from a few inches away from head. Your hair will set in place without stickiness or stiffness. I use hairspray for adding body to my hair. I usually flip my hair over and spray lightly over the hair and then flip my hair back. Another purpose I use hair spray is if I want to add volume and height to hair. I tease my hair a bit and then use some hairspray to make sure hair keeps its volume.

What products do you use on your hair to hold it into place?

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