Housewarming party

Back in the day someone was always having a housewarming party. Now, I rarely hear about them and when I do hear of them they are usually just a barbecue. House warmings are generally thrown when you first move into your new home or apartment. But you can have your house warming after you are all moved in, with in the first 2 months or after completing a remodel or renovation. It’s a great idea for getting to know your neighbors and to get gifts for your new pad Winking.

When planning your house warming you should make sure to keep it an informal affair. You want everyone to feel comfortable and at ease in the new area. It should be a light and fun occasion full of chit chat and laughter. After all, you want to show off your new place and, hopefully, meet some new neighbors.

Make sure to invite people at least 1 week in advance and invite some of your nearby neighbors to show some good will. You can host it as a potluck or as a home tour, whatever you feel should be great. I always did mine as a dinner party, with games and entertainment. So much fun!!! Just keep it light and enjoy all the fun you will have getting to know new friends and getting all your cool home gifts.

I will continue with more housewarming/party ideas and what to give to someone having a housewarming of their own in upcoming posts.

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