Summer Legs

Summer is here and that means time to show off those legs. As you are pulling out that bikini and micro skirts, remember to take a look your legs. Are they ready to see daylight, yet? After being hidden for several winter months, odds are they need a little help. So while you are getting in shape for the summer months, remember to get those legs in a great summer shape.

  • Exfoliate – yes, just like your face needs exfoliation, so does your legs. Try using scrubs and body polishes to get really get those legs looking beautiful.
  • Conceal – if you have trouble areas you don’t like to show off on your legs like spider veins or stretch marks, give a body concealer a try for those legs. You need to look for a leg or body heavy duty cream which is also water resistant.
  • Tan – When tanning, make sure you get a good tan on your legs. Tans make your legs look fabulous! They will appear healthy and tight, even when they’re not Winking. A beautiful glow hides many flaws.
  • Moisturize – this part is super important. Dry skin only hurts you so keep your legs moist and silky. I use bath beads and oil to give an extra boost of moisturization. Your legs will look smoother and be softer.

Get those legs looking great and you will feel confident and sexy. Summer’s already here to get going!!!

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5 thoughts on “Summer Legs

  1. Applying a moisturizing lotion or oil helps to soothe the skin after waxing and keeps it smooth. If your skin is red or itchy after waxing apply an ice pack or aloe vera lotion. Avoid exposing the waxed area to the sun for a minimum of 24 hours. FInally, avoid waxing just before and during your menstrual cycle, as the skin is much more sensitive during that period.

    thanks for visiting! 😉

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