Where did nail polish come from?

You use nail polish and you love it. You can’t live without your favorite colors and brands. But have you ever thought about where they actually came from? These are things that I wonder, as I sit painting my toe nails. Who came up with it and how?

It seems that is originated in China around 3000 B.C. How cool is that? Way back then they were getting “lacquered up” Hee hee. Japanese and Italians are thought to be the first ones to actually use the liquid as nail polish. They used a mixture that once applied it would change color over night from pink to red. The mixture was a combination of flower petals and alum.

The practice of coloring nails and fingers kept evolving all the way to the 19th century where nails were tinted with oils and buffed or polished. This is around the time that polishing the nails really took off. Then around the 1920’s with the start of painted cars, someone thought up painting nails using enamels. Now nail polishes can be found in any color and are readily available at almost every retail store.

From matte to shiny, just choose your favorite color and look beautiful!

Coming soon..best shades to wear with your outfits!!!

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