Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair’s Headbands

Okay, you must be living under a rock if you haven’t heard about Gossip Girl until now. Gossip Girl is this fabulous and very popular teen drama show about the life of elite high school students from the upper east side of New York City. Most of these students come from wealthy families with influence and power beyond reach.

The show became an instant hit with its interesting story, setting, and characters like Serena and Blair. But it generated even more talk because of the cool getups and fashion sense of these young NYC characters. Today, we focus our sights on the spoiled, mean, yet endearing and always perfectly groomed Blair and her penchant for gorgeous and elegant headbands. Here are just some of the bands she’s donned that I lurrve.

Silver Turban

I think this is a very simple yet classy and elegant look of Blair. The headband seems to be almost of the same material as the sleeveless dress. Turban-style headbands have been a hit since last year and come in various forms, colors and materials. Thanks to Blair, the demand for these unique hair accessory continues to increase.

Red Bow

It used to be that big bow headbands are for young girls. Today, even teenagers and adults can be seen wearing it. I love the red and vibrant color of Blair’s headband here. I also like the way her hair was fixed – it all makes for one very chic schoolgirl look. If you want to copy this look, you can look for bow headbands in all sizes and colors at online fashion stores or boutiques. If you’re creative, you can even make one on your own which you can tailor to your particular taste.

Thin and Simple

In this scene, Blair dons an elegant yet simple styled headband without the frills. Her long gorgeous curls worn down are loud enough and needed no more accent.

Intricate Crown

The perfect hair accessory to cap off a a semi-formal to formal look. It has a dual purpose: it tucks the hair neatly while giving the whole look a royal feminine accent. I think this is my favorite headband of the four. What’s yours? πŸ™‚

More Gossip Girl fashion in upcoming posts!

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9 thoughts on “Gossip Girl Fashion: Blair’s Headbands

  1. I love the show. Serena used to be my favorite but I got bored with her character and now I prefer Blair. She has a gorgeous fashion style too. I like red bow best.

    Love the blog, keep em coming

  2. I love the headbands on the show πŸ˜€

    I have a great replica of Blair’s big red bow headband at my Etsy shop and it’s been selling really well! It’s made of pure silk fabric. I ship anywhere and there are a variety of colors to choose from.

    Check it out if you’re still trying to find a suitable replica of that famous headband!


  3. Does anyone know the brand of Blar’s headband in the first episode? The black one she wore at the party? I’m dying to find it! Thanx!

  4. The Silver Turban of Blair and the Thin one is very simple and elegant. You can match it with any dress. I think it is also good even for a party.

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