When to throw out make up

Have you ever wondered how long you can keep your beauty products. Most people seem to believe you can keep them until they run out, well I have some news for you. Certain make-up and beauty products you use do expire. You need to keep tabs on your products to ensure you aren’t using things you need to throw away. Make-up is a breeding ground for bacteria so take care of your items and throw them out when it is time.

Liquid foundation should be tossed after 6 months, if it starts to change consistency or smell throw it out right then. That’s right, if you haven’t used it throw it away. Don’t give it away, THROW it away. Using old foundations can cause you to have skin irritations.

Mascara should be gotten rid of at 3 months. This is an important one, mascara is notorious for having dangerous bacteria and you don’t want any of that near your eyes. Eye shadows and liners also should be discarded after 3 months. Really, anything that comes in contact with the eye should be tossed after 3 months.

Moisturizers and cleaners usually can last about a 6 months, so keep an eye on them. Make-up usually doesn’t have expiration dates, but anytime it smells funny or dries out throw it out! Also, pay attention to expiration dates on hair products and sunscreen.

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