Prevent Jetlag by starving yourself


One of the worse things about flying is the jetlag. It is awful and many times I have unsuccessfully tried getting more rest, trying to combat that feeling. That groggy sleepy feeling can ruin even the most fit and well meaning vacationer’s plan. It seems that, in this case, starving yourself just might do the trick. Now, I am usually adamant about a healthy, but to get rid of jetlag even I may have to skip a few meals.

It seems that fasting for 16 hours is enough to do it. It has to do with our internal clock, as to why we are affected by jetlag. Starving yourself this amount of time appears to have a positive effect on your internal clock. Usually it takes you about a week or more to get over jetlag. It’s great to know that you can just fast for 16 hours and be fine. It certainly is worth the sacrifice. This has yet to be confirmed but it’s an on-going study. Next time you a have a flight ahead of you, try fasting for 16 hours before and maybe you’ll enjoy your time after.  This is one time skipping some meals certainly can be beneficial!

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